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Leather bag from scratch.
No previous experience needed.

Hi there, I'm Ksenia Khelman, bag designer and maker.

4 years ago I turned hobby into a full time job and now make a living making handmade custom bags from scratch.

The studio is now located in San Fransisco, CA.


I always strive to improve my skills and love to optimize the making process a lot. 1000+ bags are made through the years.

My designs have elegant boho vibe and feels soft and cozy. But must say, I'm pretty far from classical school and the class contains a lot of author techniques, hacks and shortcuts. They are easy-going to follow and fun to make, and this is why we all are here, right? To learn in calm and friendly environment.

It'll be my joy and honor to teach you what I know.
Thank you for joining the class, I'm excited to see you here!

This bag is amazing! The leather is delightful to the touch but certainly not thin or prone to tearing. The design is straightforward, not plain, but not overdone, and live-ably elegant. The maker is charming and easy with communications, as well. I really can't recommend highly enough!


- Carolyn


We'll go with the basics: what leather to choose to get the bag you want and how to reinforce it, pockets and closures, how to build your own pattern and how to change it when needed.


My goal is not only to show you how-to steps but share with you the freedom of creation.


More separate patterns are coming in January and it'll be much more fun to play with them when you know all behind the scenes.

I'm self-taught artist

My mom showed me how to sew when I was little and when I got mown sewing machine I got wild and started to make some clothes and have never thought about making bags until my favorite purse fell apart and I couldn't find a decent replacement.


And here we go now 😃


Bag crafting is a lot of fun for me. It can be challenging sometimesbut mostly very relaxing, and also it's a great way to show your own style and vibe in the piece of art you made yourself.


The Bundles

The Craftsmanship bundles are great and enough to learn the craft and make if for fun, relaxation and to make everything for yourself and your family and friends. 

If you want the leather to be your extra income, full time job or if you want your brand -- then The Star, SuperNova and the Force are perfect. I'll guide you through all steps and what took years for me will take months for you.

Your life, your choice :) Whatever you'll choose for yourself I'll happy to work with your to build your professionalism and wellness.

NOTE: Officially the class starts on December, 4 and you'll get the direct link to your class(es) or bundle to your email. Now the pre-sales are open for early birds and Black Friday deals lovers at special prices.
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