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Blake natural leather crossbody bag combines tender curves and nice texture of genuine leather. The handbag has an removable flap and its long adjustable strap allows you to wear the bag crossbody. The purse is available to order from any leather.

Blake custom crossbody bag

$189.00 Regular Price
$149.00Sale Price
Leather colors
What side do you usually carry a bag?
Hardware color
Inner flap leather
Add a tassel?

    and available for a custom order.

    We have the same leather in stock and can make the same hazelnut beige handbag. If you want to change some colors, you're welcome to choose leather and lining in the Custom Form below and we'll be good to make it for you.


    • 100% natural leather of your choice for a custom made bag
    • Handmade in the USA
    • The hazelnut-sand handbag is made of premium quality cowhide leather of 2 shades - eternally classy taupe and sand. Over the time, the handbag will look even more magnetically attractive because of pull-up quality. The leather will become softer and more stylish.
    • We love bags-transformers! It's so comfortable when you can change the look of your bag depending on your mood. The flap is removable and is fastened to the bag's back with mushroom stud. If you want to have a more minimalistic look you need just to unfasten the flap. 
    • The interior: 100% cotton or satin (your choice) and  1 patch pocket with the leather edge.
    • The purse has a long adjustable strap.  No buckle was used and due to it the strap looks very minimalistic and you can adjust its length easily and more comfortable.
    • The length is adjusted with the ring and changes from 35 1/2" 32 (80cm) to 55 1/4" (138cm). The short strap is great to wear on arm or shoulder and the long one is enough to wear the purse over the shoulder.
    • No doubts, the purse will accomplish any look, but originally it was made to bring some comfort to everyday life. The size is perfect to keep everyday essentials, including a notebook and a tablet the size of iPad Pro 9.7" or less. 
    • The paisley printed cotton dust bag with the same leather label is included.


    height 9 1/2" (24cm),
    width 11" (28cm),
    depth 1-2" (2.5-5cm)
    the strap's length is 32-55 1/4" (80-138cm)

Lining for your custom bag

Images will pop-up on the click.

Antique turquoise.
cotton, large print
Vintage Map
May Paris
Spring in Paris
London Fun
London Girl
Blue Sakura
cotton, spring colors
Native Colors
Pink bamboo
native Hawaiian textured cotton
Beige Bamboo
native Hawaiian textured cotton
Orchids Turquoise
native Hawaiian cotton
Hawaiian Lily
native Hawaiian cotton
Blue palm
native Hawaiian cotton
Tropical Forest
native Hawaiian cotton
Flower splash
native Hawaiian cotton
Sweet November
cotton, small gentle flowers
Taupe flowers
Sand History
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Genuine leather & suede for your custom bag
Lambskin in stock

Italian lambskin leather and suede. Soft and tender.

Dark bloody red
Italian suede of premium quality
Bitter chocolate
Italian lamb, buttery smooth to the touch
Dark blue lamb
Italian lamb of premium quality, silky and soft
Light beige lamb from Italy, silky to the touch
Tan wood
Italian lambskin leather, soft and cozy, very flexible, will age beautifully
Textured lamb leather with the slightest gold finish. Feels like a velvet to the touch, durable lamb, very flexible.
Blush pink
Gentle nude Italian lambskin leather
White Mocha
Grainy Italian lamb, durable, flexible.
Bright purple
Italian lamb suede, medium weight, very nice to the touch, not fluffy, it's more like a velvet.
Milk chocolate
Brown Italian lamb, soft and silky with a rustic finish
Tanned camel
Italian lamb with a rustic finish, very soft to the touch
Distressed blue
Distressed dark blue lamb leather. Amount is enough for a small bag
Italian black
Italian lamb, smooth and silky to the touch
Antique gold
Light gold
Italian lambskin, very gentle light gold metallic finish, flexible, medium weight
Gold on black
Fashion lambskin
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Cowhide in stock

Cowhide leather and suede, mostly tanned in the USA, some from Italy and Spain. Cozy and nice to the touch, flexible but durable.

Warm Brown
Rustic grainy distressed pliable cowhide leather of 4oz thickness
Warm Chocolate
Distressed brown cowhide leather of premium quality, 3-3.5 oz thickness, great to the touch, very flexible, durable, but not heavy.
Mountain Green
Distressed leather of 3.5-4oz thickness
Vibrant Green
Distressed soft flexible leather of 3.5-4 oz thickness
Dark Olive
Distressed leather, soft to the touch, 3.5-4oz thickness
Roast Copper
Pliable durable cowhide leather of 4oz thickness
Distressed cowhide leather of premium quality, 3-3.5 oz thickness, great to the touch, very flexible, durable, but not heavy.
Warm Pinky Taupe
Distressed cowhide leather of premium quality, 3-3.5 oz thickness, great to the touch, very flexible, durable, but not heavy.
Ocean turquoise
Distressed leather of delicious deep ocean turquoise shade. It's a designer leather. Great to the touch, very flexible, 3-3.5 oz thickness, durable, not heavy.
Natural Tan
Smooth cowhide leather, soft and very nice to the touch, 3.5-4oz thickness
Sakura Pink
Cowhide leather of premium quality, solid color, very pliable and nice to the touch
Light camel
Solid cowhide leather, warm cozy color and smooth texture, no grains. It's durable and medium flexible, 3-3.5oz thickness. Premium quality leather
Textured with little grains cowhide leather, soft and flexible, 4oz thickness
Sea Foam
Gentle color of green, smooth cowhide leather of premium quality, 3.5-4 oz thickness
A bit distressed pinky purple cowhide leather, semi shiny, durable of 4oz thickness
Gentle Star
Cowhide leather with gentle silver sparkles, soft and pliable, 3.5-4oz thickness
Blue Star Dust
Cowhide leather of premium quality, the flash side is blue, 3.5-4oz thickness
Roasted beige
Durable grainy cowhide leather of 4.5oz thickness, very cozy to the touch
Flat grain cowhide, 3oz thickness, durable, flexible.
Patina tan leather
Cowhide leather with hand added patina effect, oiled, water proved, 3oz thickness, durable, flexible.
Blue denim
Cowhide leather of solid color, 3oz thickness, soft to the touch, flexible, durable.
Violet leather
Cowhide leather, solid color, flexible and soft to the touch, 3-3.5oz thickness, durable and flexible.
Light turquoise
Cowhide leather, solid color, 3-3.5oz thickness, durable, flexible
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If you have any questions about the materials and dimensions or if you would like to bring changes in the design, feel free to send me a request in WhatsApp or email me.
I'll be happy to answer and harmonize all the details with you.

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