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About Khelman


Ksenia Khelman

Khelman is a design studio focused on ladies' and unisex natural leather handbags, located in San Francisco, CA.


Our style is clear-lined cozy urban chic with a bohemian touch. All handbags exquisitely stand out and are self-sufficient, setting you apart from the crowd.


There is no assembly line here, no big factory. All handbags you see are individually crafted by Ksenia Khelman. She is an experienced leather artist who uses only the finest leather hides, high-quality hardware, top-notch skills, and special sewing machines for leather to make your bag dreams come true.


The studio deals only with natural materials: natural premium quality leather and suede, natural cotton, along with UV-resistant threads.


Khelman handbags age beautifully, looking even better with time. Ksenia herself scours the world for the most beautiful leather with rich texture, deep delicious color, fancy lining, and high-quality hardware. She enjoys giving the perfect outcome, and each handbag is the result of a precious selection of leather, lining, and hardware.


The time we are experiencing now is full of boho inspiration and profound chic. Join us.

Be bold. Be classy. It's time.

Designer, bagmaker and the soul of Khelman studio. 

She runs the show on all levels.

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Customized bag

Pick any design in Khelman store and add your personality by choosing leather, lining, and finishes color what you like the most and adding pockets you need.
If you feel more comfortable with a longer/shorter strap, please make a note about it during the checkout - the strap can be complimentary extended up to 5" plus and lessen as much as you need.
After the purchase, Ksenia will contact you with one secret question and the date when your bag is ready. The bag will ethically custom made and delivered to you. You also will get you the photos of the finished bag before the shipping so you can make sure everything is great!



Custom bag request

If you would like to customize a bag more, for example, to change the dimensions or add more inner and external pockets or if have your own vision of the bag - please send a custom bag request.
Describe your wishes about a model, leather, size, lining, and pockets you would like. Ksenia will contact you shortly with a quote and sketch, and a private listing will be created for your convenience.
Our goal is to make a bag perfectly matching to your wardrobe and style.


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