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Accessories are easy and fun to make, easy to customize, you don’t need a lot of special tools, no sewing machine is needed either. 

Little charms are the cutest gifts for yourself or your family and friends and so easy and fun to make.

You can start with smallest pieces of leather.


You'll know how to make:

  • Charms: tassels, feather, keycharms, 
  • Bracelets: popular models, patterns
  • Shape leather into flowers (to attach to hair tie or bracelet)
  • Leather in home decor


No sewing machine is needed.  

The list of leather suppliers is included and will be automatically sent to your email after the purchase.



    You're welcome to customize your bag to make it completely yours:

    • Pockets: Add pockets to organize everything as you wish.

    • Lining: Choose a lining that will make your heart smile every time you open the bag.

    • Hardware & Leather: Customize the hardware color (silver, antique bronze, or gold) and leather if desired; simply leave a note about the changes on the product page.

    • Leather colors from the Leather & Lining palette are complementary.

    • You'll receive pictures of the finished bag before shipping to ensure everything is perfect.

    Would love a custom size? It's possible. Please fill in the Custom Bag Request.

    Lining for your custom bag
    If you have any questions about the materials and dimensions, or if you would like to make changes to the design, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to answer your questions and ensure that all the details harmonize with your preferences.


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