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Custom pink Tiberis for Shi

    • Customized Dimensions reminder: Bag 16” wide (measured on bottom) x 13.5” tall x 5.5” deep/side width on bottom (side to bottom one continuous piece of leather);
    • Detachable zipper bag 9.5” wide x 7.75” tall x 1” deep; with 7.5” long keychain strip inside on one of the side
    • Outside back leather pocket with zipper on the main bag: 10” x 8” 
    • Shoulder straps 9” drop length, around 1” in width;
    • Convertible strap 1.5” wide (length I’m not sure about the length since it’s backpack convertible, but what it usually works should be fine), convertible strap has two leather belt loops, 50" long max
    • Total pockets: 1 outside water bottle pouch on the side, 1 outside back zipper pocket backside, 1 inner fabric zipper pocket with 3 slide pockets (with keychain strip long enough for key to fall on the bottom),
    • the outside back pocket is completely on the outside not the hidden one. 
    • Two-way zipper for opening/closing of bag with tassels (22” long total each, so when tied about a 7-7.5” drop length) for tying the zippers together. 
    • All gold hardware including all zippers  inside and out as discussed. All outside gold hardwares with round edges (I.e., use eyelid lobster clasp and roundish slider adjuster). Keychain can use the pressing lobster clasp
    • Painted pink edges in addition to burnishing for all outside main exposed edges. So of bag including the strap heads and the back outside zipper pocket edges, shoulder strap, and name tag (crossbody strap, belt loops, keychain strip, and zipper tassels don’t need to have painted edges just burnishing when fit)
    • Stitched along the edges straps, loops, holders, name tag, and zipper tassels. So zero raw hide side exposed.
    • Shoulder strap head round as discussed (strap head having painted edges as well). Would like the head of the shoulder strap both sewn on AND riveted on with two rivets for extra durability.
    • Name tag with engraving in front. Front side: M. Zhao; backside: 925 819 6581
    • It’d be great if you can show me how the removable slide zipper bag is done during making. Remember about maybe adding two leather loops on the sides inside for the removable zipper bag to hook unto so to stabilize it. If that doesn’t work I think just leave it in there like a zipper bag inside a pouch probably would be fine. The pouch/slide pocket using the same pink leather at least for one side should be fine. 
    • An engraved Khelman leather brand name tag inside on one side (whichever side you think looks good and/or convenient enough to do )

You're welcome to customize your bag to make it completely yours:

  • Pockets: Add pockets to organize everything as you wish.

  • Lining: Choose a lining that will make your heart smile every time you open the bag.

  • Hardware & Leather: Customize the hardware color (silver, antique bronze, or gold) and leather if desired; simply leave a note about the changes on the product page.

  • Leather colors from the Leather & Lining palette are complementary.

  • You'll receive pictures of the finished bag before shipping to ensure everything is perfect.

Would love a custom size? It's possible. Please fill in the Custom Bag Request.

Lining for your custom bag
If you have any questions about the materials and dimensions, or if you would like to make changes to the design, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to answer your questions and ensure that all the details harmonize with your preferences.


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