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Suede and leather tassels for your purse, tote, keychain and all other stuff you can imagine.


For the stud on the top I have antique bronze, silver, black gun metal, gold and rose gold are available.

Leather and suede tassels

    • the length of 6, 8, 10.5, 12, 14, 16 and 18 inches (15, 20, 27 or 30, 35, 40 and 45cm) are available,
    • made of only natural leather or suede,
    • the leather loop on the top is reinforced with UV resistant thread, 
    • by default, a white silver rivet is used, but solid bronze, gold, and rose gold are available for a rivet too,
    • change the color of a tassel or the narrow strap around its top if you like other colors more, f.e. color of your purse or simply your fav color. Please leave a note during checkout, also feel free to message us with your wishes and questions at hello[at!]


    Tassels on the pics from the left to the right


    ~ Dark turquoise Italian lamb suede with black suede on the top - the Fargo bag is made of it,

    ~ Glossy pink with the black suede loop and top - durable cowhide

    ~ Distressed camel 6" with light turquoise on the top - both are cowhide,

    ~ Antique white - super delicious cowhide, the Demilune bag is made of it,

    ~ Nude pink grainy cowhide with light aquamarine lamb on the top,

    ~ Sunny yellow Italian lamb with frosty blue suede on the top,

    ~ Frosty blue medium-weight cowhide with yellow lamb on the top,

    ~ Marsala burgundy Italian lamb with the black suede on the top,

    ~ Vibrant blue soft lamb suede with the black suede top,

    ~ Sassy black durable close to heavy cowhide leather - the Sogo bag is made of it.

    ~ Tan cowhide leather like on Tiberis tote,

    ~ Distressed warm camel cowhide leather with a bright turquoise suede top. 


    If you would like to change the colors of the leather loop, or leather strap around the top, the rivet's color - it's all possible, make a note about everything during the checkout or message us. 


    ::::: Custom tassel :::::


    Each tassel on the pics can be made of any length, f.e. if you like the Sunny yellow tassel and want it in 6" or 10.5" or 12" length - select the Sunny yellow and the length you like.

    Possible colors of tassels are not limited to these presented, they’re just the first. Please check other leather in stock in the Leather&Suede Gallery below.


    NOTE: if your tassel is custom made, you'll get the pics of the finished tassel before shipping to make sure everything is great.


You're welcome to customize your bag to make it completely yours:

  • Pockets: Add pockets to organize everything as you wish.

  • Lining: Choose a lining that will make your heart smile every time you open the bag.

  • Hardware & Leather: Customize the hardware color (silver, antique bronze, or gold) and leather if desired; simply leave a note about the changes on the product page.

  • Leather colors from the Leather & Lining palette are complementary.

  • You'll receive pictures of the finished bag before shipping to ensure everything is perfect.

Would love a custom size? It's possible. Please fill in the Custom Bag Request.

Lining for your custom bag
If you have any questions about the materials and dimensions, or if you would like to make changes to the design, don't hesitate to contact me. I'll be happy to answer your questions and ensure that all the details harmonize with your preferences.


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